• Nick Smith

Conservation Minister Nick Smith has lodged a formal complaint with Police over a guide for sabotage and eco-terrorism on the Greens' Internet site.

"It is an outrage that a political party seeking seats in Parliament links itself to material encouraging and inciting sabotage. This is not green, this is extreme. The 'Green' label has been hijacked by a few whacky radicals to get into Parliament. Sadly, they give the environmental cause a bad name."

The Ozymandias Sabotage Skills Handbook is available directly from the Green Party website and is endorsed by Wild Green leader and number five ranked Nandor Tanczos under the subheading "For anyone who wants to know how to put logging trucks or bulldozers out of action", and "A comprehensive guide to sabotage" and includes guidance on reconnaissance, planning, alibis, tools etc.

The guide promotes the view that it is the duty of 'real' environmentalists to take direct action against those involved in afforestation, deforestation, pollution, subdivision and 'undesirable' research. It says "Eco-sabotage
should be planned, calmly executed and the extent should reflect the damage that the evil-doer is inflicting on the planet."

The manual provides specific advice on how to blow up a car, sink a ship (including tables on determining sinking times), forge documents, impersonate police officers, create an effective alibi, wreck brake systems of heavy machinery, destroy electronic data, disable computers, add chemicals to fuel systems to do irreparable engine damage, tap phones and bug private
conversations, co-ordinate harassment campaigns, inflict power cuts and weaken concrete by adding salt.

"The people who promote this material are standing for Parliament. Nandor Tanczos has done a tour of universities promoting this sort of direct action to create his 'Eco-nation Aotearoa'. New Zealand is fortunate to have been free of domestic terrorism. The last thing we need in Parliament is people like Nandor Tanczos who want to bring to New Zealand some of the worst radicalism of Europe."

Dr Smith lodged the formal complaint with the Police Commissioner today saying the material was an incitement for violence. He also urged the Green Party to immediately renounce the material and to sack its Justice spokesperson, Mr Nandor Tanczos.