Greening growth in Business Growth Agenda

  • Amy Adams
  • Steven Joyce
Environment Economic Development

Building Natural Resources highlights how recommendations from the Green Growth Advisory Group are being integrated into the Government’s wider growth agenda, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and Environment Minister Amy Adams say.

“The challenge for New Zealand – and frankly all countries – is how we can make the most of all our opportunities to achieve strong economic growth that delivers jobs alongside policies that improve the environment,” Mr Joyce says.

The Green Growth Advisory Group, established by the Government, made 26 recommendations in its report Greening New Zealand’s Growth on how New Zealand can build a more productive and competitive economy, reinforced by high-quality environmental outcomes.

“The Government agreed at the time with the central conclusion in the report that New Zealand needs a broad growth strategy where all sectors take into account their environmental performance rather than focusing on a select group of ‘green’ industries,” Mr Joyce says.

“The Government sees major opportunities for New Zealand in industries covered in the report such as the food and beverage industry, tourism, high-value manufacturing and services, and the petroleum and minerals sector.”

Ms Adams says Building Natural Resources shows the Government is committed to greening growth in our economy.

“Our environment and our economy and are inextricably linked. Our natural resources provide our competitive advantage and need to be well managed to enable sustainable economic growth as well as long-term environmental integrity.

Greening New Zealand’s Growth has a wide range of recommendations many of which the Government is already addressing including initiatives in energy efficiency, climate change, water reform, biodiversity, the ‘New Zealand Story’ and our increased investment in innovation, research and development.”