Grant for Museum of Wellington City and Sea announced

  • Maggie Barry
Arts, Culture and Heritage

The Museum of Wellington City and Sea will receive a government grant of $1.3 million for its redevelopment project and earthquake strengthening, Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Maggie Barry announced this evening.

Ms Barry made the announcement at an event to mark the museum’s 15th birthday celebrations.

“This grant acknowledges the significance of the Museum of City and Sea’s collection to both the wider Wellington region and on a national scale,” says Ms Barry.

The grant has been made under the Regional Museums Policy, which is intended to ensure nationally significant material is housed adequately and made accessible to New Zealanders.

The funding of $1,334,000 will specifically contribute to phase one of the museum’s Attic redevelopment project, which will extend exhibition spaces, and also towards earthquake strengthening work.

The two components of the grant are $809,000 for redevelopment and upgrading, and $525,000 towards the costs of steel-strapping the wooden floors on three levels of the Category I heritage building, as an important earthquake strengthening measure.

“The Museum of Wellington City and Sea brings to life the spirit of Wellington’s social, cultural and maritime heritage, for New Zealanders and visitors to our shores to enjoy,” says Ms Barry.

“The redevelopment of the museum’s beautiful historic building will enable it to continue to evolve as a valuable attraction in Wellington’s cultural landscape.”

To qualify for funding under the Regional Museums Policy, a museum must be able to demonstrate that it holds a nationally significant collection, which is of special or outstanding significance to New Zealand, and makes a substantial contribution to New Zealand's cultural heritage.