Grandparents raising grandchildren to get Toolbox

  • Paula Bennett
Youth Affairs Social Development

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced that a tailored version of the Toolbox parenting programme will be provided free to grandparents raising grandchildren.

“We asked the Parenting Place to provide practical support through the Toolbox programme for people who take in and care for children.”

“This is a specific, tailored programme that will help grandparents raising grandchildren with the skills to parent today’s children,” says Mrs Bennett.

“They do a tough job considering many are caring for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect – they need this.”

The tailored resource includes nine hours of practical parenting advice on DVD with a manual, which carers can work their way through at home.

Thousands of parents every year get a lot out of attending Toolbox Parenting Groups, but grandparents may prefer an at-home option.

“Some really well-known New Zealanders present the parenting advice on the DVDs including Dame Alison Holst, Bob Kerridge and Pio Terei.”

‘I am delighted to be able to offer this programme, free of charge, to up to 5,000 grandparents who are raising grandchildren,” says Mrs Bennett.

At a cost of $600,000 per year, this is seen as extremely good value for money.