Govt gives guidance on water & renewable generation

  • Nick Smith

Environment Minister Nick Smith today issued guidance for councils implementing the Government’s two new national policy statements for fresh water management and renewable electricity generation.

“These two new national policy statements on fresh water management and renewable electricity are critical to addressing problems of water quality and allocation in our lakes and the need to increase the proportion of renewable energy,” Dr Smith said.

“These guidance documents will help councils successfully implement these policies and help achieve the environmental gains the Government is seeking.

“These new documents are part of the Government’s programme of providing stronger direction on the Resource Management Act. We have completed three national policy statements in the last year compared to only two in the previous 18-year history of the RMA. These policy statements, and the guidance that goes along side them, are about improving the way New Zealand manages its natural resources.

“The Government understands that councils across the country have different circumstances, issues, and approaches on how they make resource consent decisions and formulate and implement regional plans. This has been taken into account in the guidance material.

“These national policy statements reflect the importance we place on these resources. However, as these are ongoing areas of Government policy with work being done by the Land and Water Forum and as part of the next phase of resource management reforms, the guides will be updated as policy, good practice and supporting measures are developed.”

The fresh water NPS implementation guidance is available at:

The renewable electricity generation NPS implementation guidance is available at: