Government welcomes report on 1080

  • Kate Wilkinson

The Government has welcomed the report of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on the use of 1080 as the most effective tool available for pest management in New Zealand.

“Our most challenging environmental problem is introduced pests such as possums, stoats and rats threatening the survival of our native species,” says Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson.

“We’ve now had two comprehensive and independent reports into the use of 1080 at considerable public expense.

“Only the introduced predators will benefit from a moratorium, which I agree isn’t needed.

“DOC spends $22 million on pest control each year and with eight million hectares to look after it targets 1080 where it is needed most.

“It is also using 1080 more effectively and efficiently than in the past and there is always room for improvement in communicating how and why it is being used.

“The Government will be giving careful consideration to the other recommendations that would standardise conditions and improve transparency of use.”