Government urges safety during Guy Fawkes

  • Nick Smith
ACC Environment

Environment and ACC Minister Nick Smith is encouraging people to behave responsibly while enjoying Guy Fawkes this week.

"The current law reflects a careful balancing of people being able to enjoy fireworks with the risks of fires, injuries and impact on pets," Dr Smith says.

"There has been a significant reduction in fire call outs and accident claims in the last two years since the Government imposed the extra restrictions of limiting the sale of fireworks to just four days, increasing the sale age from 14 to 18 and limiting the noise to 90 decibels.

"I am advised that imports of fireworks this year at 1,116 tonnes are double that of the 551 tonnes in 2009. Extra care and caution will be needed to ensure this does not translate into double the trouble.

"I urge people to follow instructions carefully, always have a bucket of water close at hand, ensure children are supervised and keep pets inside.

"I encourage people to participate in the many great public displays of fireworks happening all round the country as a safer way of enjoying Guy Fawkes.

"The Government will be monitoring Guy Fawkes closely and if there is a return to habits of the past we will look at a further tightening of firework regulations."