Government supports more people into industry job training

  • Hon Carmel Sepuloni
  • Hon Willie Jackson
Employment Social Development

Employment Minister Willie Jackson welcomes a boost of over $30.3 million to the Mana in Mahi – Strength in Work programme, increasing support and job opportunities for those most at risk in the labour market as the economy recovers from the impact of COVID 19.

 “Some people, including some of our at-risk rangatahi, struggle to get a solid foothold in the job market, and this is going to be especially tough for them as employers look to cut costs to deal with the impact of COVID-19,” Willie Jackson said.

 With extra funding in Budget 2020, Mana in Mahi expands to include;

  • Increasing the length of the programme from 12 months up to 24 months
  • Increasing the wage subsidy rate to up to $16,000 for the first year and up to $8,000 for the second year
  • Supporting employers to pay for industry training course fees
  • Paying for extra education support, such as literacy and numeracy training.

“The changes will also help better support a wider range of people, including workers of all ages who may have to retrain due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, including Māori, Pacific peoples and disabled people.

 “Mana in Mahi will support people to get relevant recognised trades qualifications, supporting them into lasting employment and giving them valuable sought after skills and qualifications for life.” Willie Jackson said.

 The Ministry for Social Development is responsible for administering the Mana in Mahi scheme. Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni said enhancing this programmes leads on from the success of the first two phases of Mana in Mahi which has so far seen more than 750 young people take part in the programme.

“Working in partnership with employers to understand industry needs, and support young people to realise their potential, will be key to New Zealand’s recovery phase.”  

 Mana in Mahi is part of the Government’s wider Apprenticeship Support Programme designed to keep first and second year apprentices connected to work, connected to training and connected to their communities while New Zealand recovers from the impact of COVID-19.

Editor’s Note:

 Mana in Mahi supports those most disadvantaged in the labour market through industry training, including pre-apprenticeship training and formal level 4 apprenticeship programmes, and into long term sustainable work.

 Mana in Mahi, includes;

  • A wage subsidy for employers.
  • Funding for pre-employment training.
  • Incentive payments for participants.
  • Ongoing access to pastoral care.

 The Government’s wider Apprenticeship Support Programme also includes:

  • Extending the existing MSD Mana in Mahi scheme ($30.3 million) for at risk people into long-term sustainable work
  • A new regional apprenticeship scheme which will invest in new apprenticeships in regional New Zealand and particularly support displaced workers and Maori and Pacific peoples into jobs,
  • $19 million to support the seven existing Group Training Schemes to continue to employ some 1,700 apprentices and trainees and provide related services to host businesses.