• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters said today on eve of the first anniversary of the National-New Zealand First Government that it has been a year of success and a year of progress.

"The lives of New Zealanders have improved in many ways as a result of the Coalition Government's policies and programmes being put into action," Mrs Shipley and Mr Peters said.

"We have demonstrated we can:

make a majority Government work under MMP

deliver real improvements for many New Zealanders in many ways

expand New Zealanders' trading opportunities in the world

continue modernisation and reform where it will deliver improvements for New Zealanders' lives and business

run our country's affairs in a careful and responsible way

manage the political distractions and put them behind us
"Our team is now experienced, able to govern in an MMP environment, and poised to deliver another year of good Government.

"We have set clear goals for ourselves to:

lead the debate on social responsibility

improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Government and Parliament

continue to build a strong and growing economy

invest in the future by making our children's and young people's health and education a priority

ensure the tax system makes New Zealanders feel rewarded for their efforts while meeting their social concerns.
"We are confident the Government will deliver but it will not happen overnight, and headline writers looking for instant results will have to be patient.

"We will deliver good government. We will make clear what we stand for and we intend to push the other parties in Parliament to state clearly what they stand for," said Mrs Shipley and Mr Peters.