Government Serious About Reducing Family Violence

  • Bill English

Health Minister Bill English said today the Government was serious about reducing family violence and guidelines to help the health sector deal with the problem would complement those already developed for Justice and Welfare.

"Front-line health professionals, such as GPs, accident and emergency services, and maternity services, have a major role to play in recognising and helping to deal with family violence.

"These guidelines will be welcomed by health professionals. In the past they have had little information to help them made decisions when treating people who they suspect may be the victim of family violence," he said at the launch of Family Violence Guidelines for Health Sector Providers to Develop Practice Protocols.

"Implementing the guidelines, which have been prepared jointly by the Ministry of Health and the Health Funding Authority, will require commitment from the Ministry, the HFA, health providers, professional organisations, the community and advocacy groups.

"Family violence protocols need to be part of ongoing best practice planning and development by health professionals.

"The Government is serious about reducing family violence through major initiatives like the Domestic Violence Act 1995. Dealing with the problem will only be effective with good interagency collaboration and these guidelines will complement existing protocols developed by Justice and Welfare - Good Practice Guidelines, and Breaking the Cycle: Interagency Protocols for Child Abuse Management," said Mr English.