Government response to the EQC Inquiry released

  • Hon Grant Robertson
  • Hon Dr Megan Woods
Earthquake Commission Greater Christchurch Regeneration

EQC’s operations and legislation will change in response to the Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission, undertaken by Dame Silvia Cartwright.

Grant Robertson says the Government is adamant no other community should live through botched repairs and years of trauma and uncertainty following a significant natural disaster.

“This week marks 10 years since the Darfield-centred quake, which was the first in a series of devastating Canterbury earthquakes.

“EQC was not prepared for the 469,431 claims it received following the quakes. There was also no plan for a managed repair programme, yet EQC was asked to implement one, while also processing claims.

“We expect to introduce legislation in the middle of next year to modernise the EQC Act. The new Act will respond to many recommendations in the Inquiry’s report, providing certainty for claimants and agencies involved in responding to natural disaster,” Grant Robertson said.

Megan Woods says the Government has already made changes to resolve some of the issues highlighted by Dame Silvia, for example providing access to affordable dispute resolution through the Greater Christchurch Claim Resolution Service and the Canterbury Earthquake Insurance Tribunal.

“We will now build on the progress made, and the Government is committed to implementing all of the recommendations in the report.

“EQC has already made a number of changes to their operations, including introducing case managers and are committed to becoming a more claimant centred organisation, but Dame Silvia has identified other areas for improvement which will also be implemented,” Megan Woods said.