Government responds to Productivity Commission on Measuring and Improving State Sector Productivity

  • Hon Grant Robertson
  • Hon Chris Hipkins
Finance State Services

Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins have released the Government response to the Productivity Commission’s reports on Measuring and Improving State Sector Productivity.

The Commission delivered its reports in August 2018. It provided 14 findings and 11 recommendations.

“I want to thank the Productivity Commission for their work on these reports”, Grant Robertson said.

“As detailed in our response, we have agreed or partly agreed with most of the report’s 11 recommendations. Overall the reports are broadly aligned with the intent of the Government’s work programme including improvements to the Budget process, State Sector Act Reform and improvements to service delivery, performance management and funding approaches.”

“The response outlines our Government’s vision for a coordinated and productive State Sector and our reform programme for the public management and public finance systems that includes changes to the State Sector Act (1988) and the Public Finance Act (1989),” Grant Robertson said.

“The work of the State Sector connects with New Zealanders throughout their lives. Having a productive State sector delivering services for people efficiently and effectively is important for the wellbeing of New Zealand,” Chris Hipkins said.

The Government response can be found at: