Government to Quit Surplus Navy Land

  • Paul East

The Government's intention to dispose of the New Zealand Defence Force's entire block of land at Takapuna Head in Devonport was announced today by the Minister of Defence, Paul East.

The land was formerly the site of the Navy's training establishment, HMNZS Tamaki.

"The Defence Force's National Real Estate Review, which although unfinished, has progressed to a stage where it has become evident that the Navy can quit the 11.2 hectare site at Takapuna Head and centralise all its activities within the Devonport Naval Base," said Mr East.

The Government had initially intended to dispose of only 5.2 hectares of the site with the Navy continuing to occupy the remaining six hectares until the activities there could be relocated to the Devonport Naval Base. However the Review has identified that greater savings will be achieved by selling the property in one parcel sooner rather than later.

"The disposal of the land in one block will provide an opportunity to set aside reserve areas that will better meet the needs of people in the North Shore area. Obviously there will be the potential for larger reserve areas than was originally planned when only half the land was to be sold.

"As part of the disposal process the entire block of land will be subject to formal procedures that will determine if it is likely to be required for settling claims under the Treaty of Waitangi," said Mr East.