Government preparing for all Brexit eventualities to protect NZ's interests

Trade and Export Growth

The Government continues to work with New Zealand businesses, industry representatives and other stakeholders to ensure that they are prepared for all Brexit eventualities from 1 January, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Damien O’Connor said.

“The talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union on their future relationship continue.”

“From 1 January 2021, when the transition period is scheduled to end, the UK will leave the EU Customs Union and Single Market and will no longer be bound by EU rules. This has implications for New Zealand,” Damien O’Connor said.

“Regardless of whether a deal is concluded, there will be changes at the border between the UK and EU from 1 January. These changes will have implications for New Zealand businesses who trade between the UK and the EU and, in some cases, those who trade directly with the UK. Delays at the border are a possibility.

New Zealanders travelling between the UK and EU may also be affected by delays. As always, consular support is available to assist travelling New Zealanders help themselves,” Damien O’Connor said.

“In recent months, the New Zealand Government has intensified its Brexit preparations. This has involved heightened engagement with New Zealand businesses and those with a particular interest in Brexit. We would strongly urge all New Zealand businesses engaged in the UK and the EU markets to confirm upcoming arrangements with their business partners, customers, and logistics suppliers to make sure they are prepared for these imminent changes,” Damien O’Connor said.

Throughout the Brexit process, the Government has sought to protect New Zealand’s interests, including by prioritising the importance of continuity and stability for New Zealand traders. Government agencies have successfully worked with their UK counterparts to replicate key EU regulatory arrangements and agreements, for example covering veterinary trade, which underpin our trade to ensure continuity.

 “Also of critical and urgent importance to our interests is the issue of New Zealand’s quota access for some products into the EU and the UK after the UK leaves the EU’s Customs Union,” Damien O’Connor said.

“We are continuing to work hard, at all levels including the Prime Minister, Ministers and senior officials, to secure an acceptable resolution of this issue that is consistent with the assurances the UK and the EU have given us that New Zealand will not be left worse off as a result of Brexit,” Damien O’Connor said.

Separate from the issue of preservation of New Zealand’s existing quota access, New Zealand continues to make progress in free trade negotiations with the European Union, and the United Kingdom, both of which are priorities for the Government. Latest information on the negotiations can be found at EU-NZ FTA and UK-NZ FTA.

Further information on how the changes might impact New Zealanders and New Zealand business can be found via the following links: