Government partnership with EDS pays off

  • Jim Anderton
Economic Development

"EDS New Zealand has created over 200 jobs under their Best Shore Programme and thus achieved the first milestone to which it agreed in order to receive NZ$1.5 million from Investment NZ's Strategic Investment Fund," Jim Anderton announced today, together with Rick Ellis, New Zealand Managing Director of EDS New Zealand.

"It is good news for our expanding ICT industry that EDS's first step of creating more than 200 new jobs has been achieved in only fifteen months. The next milestone is to create 360 new jobs in total by March 2006.

"Increasing the number of high value, high skill jobs is an important step towards our goal of raising the living standards of every New Zealander. EDS has made good progress in developing high skill jobs for New Zealanders. I look forward to seeing them reach their second target.

"The government's partnership with EDS has been working well. While EDS expands their Best Shore programme, New Zealanders raise their skill levels and gain experience in a high tech global company. The spill overs include a stronger ICT industry, increased export earnings and a sophisticated, skilled workforce," said Economic Development Minister, Jim Anderton.

EDS New Zealand worked with Investment NZ for a grant of $1.5m (GST inclusive) in 2003 under the Strategic Investment Fund.