Government Loves Kaipara waste minimisation

  • Scott Simpson

Love Kaipara has been awarded nearly $135,000 from the Waste Minimisation Fund to support moving Kaipara communities towards zero waste, Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson announced.

“Love Kaipara is leading the way in encouraging behavioural change throughout Kaipara through promotional advertising campaigns and school education programmes. It is establishing important relationships with the local community, and empowering people of all ages to minimise waste and care for their environment,” Mr Simpson says.

The aim of the project is to educate people about recycling and help them to reduce the number of recyclables unnecessarily going to landfill and to reduce littering and illegal dumping of rubbish. It will encourage individuals, community groups, businesses and organisations to embrace the zero waste philosophy.

“This funding will enable Love Kaipara to spread important messages about waste minimisation throughout Kaipara by delivering educational programmes at local schools and by communicating to audiences through print and radio advertising and social media.  Love Kaipara will support the Northland Field Days in their endeavours to become a zero waste event.

“This project provides a great example of how passionate organisations in the regional community, such as Love Kaipara, can utilise Government funding to support their waste minimisation initiatives, which have the potential to positively change the behaviour of an entire district.”

The Waste Minimisation Fund provides financial support to projects that reduce environmental harm and provide social, economic and cultural benefits. It is funded from a levy introduced by the National-led Government in 2009, which is charged on waste disposed of at landfills to discourage waste and to fund recycling initiatives. Over $80 million has been awarded to more than 130 projects to date.