Government to fully fund SkyPath as part of $390m investment in walking and cycling

  • Hon Phil Twyford
  • Hon James Shaw

Transport Minister Phil Twyford and Acting Associate Transport Minister James Shaw have announced the Government intends to fully fund SkyPath, the walking and cycling link across Auckland Harbour Bridge, as part of a $390 million investment in walking and cycling projects nationwide over the next three years.

 “SkyPath is a transformational project that will give Aucklanders the freedom to walk and cycle from the Shore to the city, all while taking in an amazing view,” said Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

 The NZ Transport Agency Board has confirmed $67 million of National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) investment to progress SkyPath as part of a larger $390 million walking and cycling investment package in the 2018/21 National Land Transport Programme (the NLTP). The full 2018/21 NLTP, including details on specific transport projects, will be announced on Friday 31 August.

 “The $390 million package will be the single largest investment ever in walking and cycling infrastructure for New Zealand and represents a $96 million increase on the previous three years,” said Acting Associate Transport Minister James Shaw.

 “More and more Kiwis want the freedom to cycle safely around their towns and cities, and this investment in safe cycle infrastructure is needed to making that possible,” said Mr Shaw.

 “SkyPath is the obvious, critical missing link in Auckland’s cycle network and will become an iconic feature of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge.

 “SkyPath has been talked about for over a decade, but it now has the funding certainty to move ahead,” said Mr Twyford.

 “The NZ Transport Agency will complete a detailed business case for SkyPath by mid-2019, which will provide more certainty around the design and timing of the project,” Mr Twyford said.

  Notes for editors:

The NZ Transport Agency is currently developing a detailed business case for SkyPath to determine the preferred design option and timeline for construction, and to further develop project costs and benefits to confirm the economic case for the project. Provided the detailed business case confirms the economic case, the project will proceed to implementation, with construction beginning after the necessary designs are complete and consents in place.  The detailed business case will be complete by mid-2019.

The full 2018/21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) will be published by the NZ Transport Agency on August 31. The NLTP will detail investment levels for 12 separate activity classes planned for New Zealand’s land transport system over the next three years to give effect to the Government’s transport priorities. The NLTP is a partnership between local government which invests local funding on behalf of ratepayers and the NZ Transport Agency which invests national funding on behalf of Government through the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).  Funds for the NLTF are collected from petrol excise, road user charges and vehicle registration and licensing fees.