Government ends ‘Ute Tax’

The Coalition Government has ended the 'Ute Tax' and Clean Car Discount for all vehicles registered after 31 December 2023, marking a New Year's victory for taxpayers, farmers, and tradies. 

“Scrapping the 'Ute Tax' as part of the National-ACT coalition agreement was a priority in our 100-day plan, and we have delivered on that commitment. The days of unfairly taxing our farmers and tradies are now behind us,” Transport Minister Simeon Brown says. 

“The previous government's scheme was inequitable and fiscally irresponsible, offering subsidies to individuals buying electric vehicles, while imposing taxes on hardworking farmers and tradies who have little choice about the type of vehicle they need for work. 

“The scheme was designed to achieve fiscal neutrality, with the 'Ute Tax' charges covering the rebates and administration costs. However, more was paid out in rebates than was received in charges, with taxpayers footing the bill. 

“Our Coalition Government is committed to increasing the uptake of electric vehicle ownership by supercharging EV charging infrastructure, which is one of the most significant barriers for people taking up an EV. This will have a much more long-term impact rather than the former Government’s subsidy scheme.” 

The 'Ute Tax' and applications for the Clean Car Discount have ended for all vehicles registered from 11:59 pm on 31 December 2023.