Government delivers 1800 additional frontline Police

  • The total Police workforce is now the largest it has ever been.
  • Police constabulary stands at 10,700 officers – an increase of 21% since 2017
  • Māori officers have increased 40%, Pasifika 83%, Asian 157%, Women 61%

  • Every district has got more Police under this Government

The Government has delivered on its commitment to put an extra 1800 Police on the front line, with the graduation today of Police wing 366 from the Royal New Zealand Police College.

“This government set out to deliver 1800 more Police, and today, we’ve done that,” Police Minister Ginny Andersen said.

“That was a deliberate policy to support our front line after a decade of National Party cuts that left Police underfunded and under-resourced.

“What we’ve achieved today is the biggest ever Government commitment to an increase in Police numbers in history, and we’re proud to stand alongside them to celebrate this historic achievement.

“Delivering on our promise means every Policing district in New Zealand is better resourced than they were five and half years ago – and there’s more we want to do yet.

Particular decisions around where constabulary are deployed are a decision for Police, but our investment has meant that Police have the resources to increase constabulary numbers in every district.

“This Government is committed to locking in these gains, which is why we’ve announced more funding in Budget 23 to ensure the improved Police to population ratio we’ve achieved does not go backwards again. 

“With the addition of 1800 extra Police, funding announced in Budget 2023 will ensure there is one officer for every 480 New Zealanders, compared with one for every 544 New Zealanders in 2017.

“This commitment to properly resourcing our police is a vital component in tackling crime, including retail, youth, and violent crime.

“It’s part of our long-term approach which requires an ongoing commitment to funding, including early intervention, crime prevention, and partnering with the community.”

“We’ve also invested in the fight against organised crime and gangs, due to our investment to grow Police numbers we will reach 700 new staff dedicated to combatting organised crime”

“I know this sustained support makes a difference. I worked in Police for a decade and it was clear to everyone that you can’t cut and fudge your way to improved outcomes when it comes to law and order, no matter how you try to dress it up.    

Constabulary numbers grew by 643 under the last Government in 9 years– with 1800 additional Police, we’ve nearly trebled that in under six years.

 The last Government also didn’t account for population growth, meaning there was a reduction in the number of Police relative to the size of the population.

“The Constables graduating in Wing 366 today have a big job ahead of them, but I know they will work hard to make New Zealand a safer place.  

“The Government has also given Police the training, the kit, and the legislative tools to keep themselves safe, Police smarter, and crack down on the worst types of offending.

   “Thirty-five percent of this wing are women, fourteen percent are Māori, sixteen percent are Pasifika, and five percent are Asian.

 “They should be proud of their fantastic achievement, and I look forward to seeing the great work they will do for our communities,” Ginny Andersen said.