Government Creating Right Environment for Business

  • Max Bradford
Business Development

Business Development Minister Max Bradford said he was pleased but not surprised by today's news that business confidence has risen for the second month in a row.

"Given that the NZ$ has fallen by about 6.1 per cent in the last six months, I would be surprised if the news was otherwise," Mr Bradford said.

The National Bank survey also shows retail holding up well and most other economic indicators improving.

This time last year there was similar rebound in confidence driven by tax cuts and hopes for lower interest rates but in the second half of the year a soaring currency and political uncertainty stymied the recovery.

"This time round we have the right ingredients to maintain confidence. The exchange rate is falling and the Coalition Government is stable and working actively and effectively on a number of key fronts - costs to businesses, tariffs, energy, ACC, transport, to name a few.

"Businesses and industry just need to look behind the headline grabbing political shenanigans to see this is true. The rise in business confidence reflects the fact that the Government is creating the right environment for business," Mr Bradford said.