Government continues to deliver for New Zealand

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has launched the Government’s next action plan to deliver for New Zealand – setting out key steps to be taken by June 30 to rebuild the economy, restore law and order and improve public services. 

“I am proud to lead a government of action. We are delivering big changes that are already making a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders,” Mr Luxon says.

“Kids are more focused on learning after we banned phones in schools, farmers and tradies finally have tax relief after we got rid of the Ute Tax, and hospital emergency departments saw a reduction in violence after we added more security.

“There is always more to do and that’s why we are backing up the 100-Day Plan with our next action plan for New Zealand.

“Just like our 100-Day Plan, this next action plan is focused on three key areas to make life better for Kiwis:

  1. Rebuilding the economy and easing the cost of living
  2. Restoring law and order, and
  3. Delivering better public services.

“Having a clear plan with specific actions and timeframes for delivery creates momentum and drives focus.”

Commitments in the Government’s action plan for New Zealand include:

  • Deliver a budget that reduces wasteful spending while investing in frontline services.
  • Deliver tax relief to hardworking New Zealanders.
  • Set targets for improving public services, like education and health.
  • Launch an Attendance Action Plan to get kids back to school.
  • Restore Three Strikes to hold serious, repeat offenders to account.
  • Establish a Regional Infrastructure Fund to boost economic growth in our regions.
  • Reform the CCCFA regime to make it easier for home-buyers to access credit, and introduce legislation to improve the rental market.

“Much of the action plan is focused on rebuilding the economy – like measures to increase investment in renewable electricity, and RMA reform to cut red-tape on farmers. It is only through a strong economy we can reduce the cost of living, lift incomes and afford the public services Kiwis deserve.

“New Zealanders expect and deserve delivery from their government, and that is exactly what they are getting from us.”