Government committed to cycle safety

  • Craig Foss

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss says the Government is delivering many of the Cycling Safety Panel’s recommendations as part of its commitment to making cycling a safer, more attractive choice for personal travel.

“The Government’s already delivering many of the Cycling Safety Panel’s recommendations through the Urban Cycleways Programme, Safer Journeys and the transport planning and investment process,” Mr Foss says.

“Many popular cycle areas are already benefiting from segregated cycle lanes and off-road cycle paths.”

The panel’s recommendations are at the core of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s cycling programme, which includes:

  • Rolling out the 54 projects in the Urban Cycleways programme
  • Updating cycle network design guidance to support consistent implementation of cycling networks
  • Improving urban intersection safety, primarily as part of new infrastructure
  • Ensuring cyclists are considered in the Safer Speeds Programme
  • Encouraging better user behaviour to improve the safety of cyclists
  • Extending the existing “See the person, share the road” campaign

Mr Foss says he has asked the Ministry of Transport and Transport Agency to investigate two of the Panel’s more complex recommendations, including mandatory minimum passing distances and side under-run protection for trucks.  The investigation is expected to be complete mid-late 2016.

“I firmly believe cycling should be a safe choice for personal travel on New Zealand roads, and I look forward to seeing significant improvements in cycling safety,” Mr Foss says.

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