Government and Greens sign formal co-operation agreement

  • Helen Clark
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that the government was pleased to be able to sign a formal co-operation agreement with the Green Party’s Members of Parliament.

Helen Clark said that over the last term of Parliament the government and the Greens had enjoyed a constructive and consultative relationship, and it was their joint desire to continue that relationship in an appropriate form.

“The agreement signed between us today makes formal provision for the government and the Greens to consult on policy and legislation.

“It will be decided between the government and the Greens which issues should be designated in each of three categories of consultation provided for in the agreement.”

Helen Clark said that in the previous term of Parliament the government and Greens had been able to work together on a confidential basis, and the agreement provided for that kind of working arrangement again.

“The relationship differs from the one in the last Parliament in that the Greens are not now providing a guarantee of confidence and supply. In the absence of that, the input they had into the budget process in the last Parliament will not continue.

“The agreement notes that the government parties and the Green party share many similar aspirations and are keen to work together in a constructive fashion for the life of this Parliament,” Helen Clark said.