Government and Auckland Council agree cost sharing arrangements

Cyclone Recovery Finance

A cost-sharing agreement between the Government and Auckland Council will see the Crown contribute $877 million towards Auckland’s recovery following the Anniversary Day floods and Cyclone Gabrielle, earlier this year.

In addition to the $877 million which will come from the National Resilience Plan, Auckland Council has submitted an application for further recovery funding which is being reviewed by Waka Kotahi. Auckland Council estimates it will receive about $200 million from this process to help restore the transport network. This would bring the total Crown funding Auckland may receive to up to $1.1 billion.

“I am pleased we have reached this agreement so Auckland Council can provide certainty for the people whose properties, or those close to theirs, were severely damaged by landslides or flooding,” Grant Robertson said.

“The Government will contribute up to $387 million to support Auckland Council to purchase Category 3 residential properties. This equates to 50 percent of the net cost, which is the same agreement for Gisborne District Council and Hawke’s Bay councils. The net cost is the agreed buyout value for each property, less any insurance payments the homeowner receives.

“We will also contribute $380 million for investment in flood protection works to mitigate the flood risk to the Category 2 areas damaged in these events. This work is essential to provide security to those who will continue to live in flood prone area, in the face of more intense and frequent weather events.

“Many Auckland roads were damaged by water with landslides continuing to make access to some areas difficult. The Government will contribute $110 million for local transport networks affected by the weather events.

“This is package of support for Auckland reflects the impacts of the weather events across New Zealand’s largest city.

“Today’s agreement with Auckland Council, along with agreements with Gisborne District Council and Hawke’s Bay’s five councils, provide certainty for the three most weather affected regions. Together these agreements will see the Government contributing up to $1.7 billion on top of the $342 million allocated from across central Government agencies, as at 4 August.

“This is a significant investment to support these regions recover and become more resilient as we all adapt to our changing weather patterns,” Grant Robertson said.