Government agencies sign up to ‘whole of government’ approach with Te Rarawa

  • Steve Maharey
Social Development and Employment

In a first for New Zealand, thirty government and local government agencies have entered into agreement with Te Rarawa, an Iwi in the far north to develop a single government contract for services, Social Services and Employment Steve Maharey said today.

Thirty-one government and local government agencies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Te Rarawa to support its development plan. The plan provides a strategic framework for improving the social and economic outcomes for the Iwi.

“This is an innovative approach to working with Iwi to support their people. Until now Te Rarawa and other Iwi have been forced to negotiate separate arrangements with a whole raft of crown agencies to provide services.

“Developing a single contract offers a number of advantages including reducing compliance costs and time, improving communication between agencies and ensuring the best outcomes are achieved with the resources available.

“Te Rarawa came to the government wanting more flexibility and a greater say in their own development. The government recognises that real gains in reducing inequalities between Maori and other New Zealanders will only occur if there is true partnership in owning and resolving problems.

“Te Rarawa are ambitious for their region. They have developed specific plans that take a holistic approach to all the issues affecting the Iwi including land use, fisheries, tourism, housing, communication, conservation and resource management and employment.

“The government has been impressed with Te Rarawa’s vision and motivation and I am looking forward to soon signing the umbrella contract which signals a new way of working with Maori to make a difference,” Steve Maharey said.