Good progress on Vehicle Licensing Reform

  • Gerry Brownlee

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee has welcomed progress on the Vehicle Licensing Reform project that aims to deliver a simpler and more efficient vehicle licensing system.

The Vehicle Licensing Reform project announced in March and jointly led by the Ministry of Transport and the NZ Transport Agency is looking at ways to refine the following systems:

  • annual vehicle licensing (commonly known as registration)
  • warrant of fitness and certificate of fitness
  • transport services licensing.

“A second workshop was held with transport industry stakeholders today to discuss a range of possible options,” Mr Brownlee said.

“This reform has the potential to save millions of dollars in unnecessary costs and time for households, businesses and the government.

“I am pleased officials are working with transport industry stakeholders to ensure their knowledge and experience is included as a core part of option development.”

Ideas currently being discussed include providing smarter ways to pay the annual vehicle licensing fee, early payment incentives, and changes to the frequency and enforcement of the current warrant of fitness system.

“Options will be included for consideration as long as they result in reducing costs while maintaining safety,” Mr Brownlee said.

“None of the ideas currently under discussion are final.

“They are all on the table for discussion and analysis to help the government decide which options to include in the September round of public consultation.”

Mr Brownlee said while the project had some months to go until public consultation got underway it was important to be transparent about the range of ideas being considered at this early stage of the process.

“I am confident the project will result in productive change across New Zealand’s vehicle licensing systems.  The project’s extensive consultation with the transport sector and the public will help ensure the best options are selected to achieve the project’s objectives.”

More information about the Vehicle Licensing Reform project, including the broad range of options being considered in advance of public consultation, is available on the Ministry of Transport website