Good Progress on Holidays Act Review

  • Margaret Wilson

Labour Minister Margaret Wilson says a report on the Holidays Act from a joint union-employer advisory group will allow good progress to be made on a "complex and difficult" area of employment relationships.

Issues covered in the report include payment for work on public holidays, the "Mondayisation" of holidays, rates of pay for working on holidays, clarity on the observance of Waitangi and Anzac days, the use of special leave and under what circumstances employees can be required to take leave, or accumulate leave.

"Last year there were more than 60,000 thousand calls to the Employment Relations Service from employers and employees about the Holidays Act. There’s an obvious need for change. The report clarifies the issues, makes the positions of employers and unions clear and makes policy recommendations for government consideration," said Margaret Wilson.

The group has also considered whether there should be an increase in general annual leave entitlement. The employer representatives thought the present situation should be maintained; unions sought an increase to four weeks.

"The Advisory Group has simply recorded the known positions of unions and employers; the government has yet to consider this issue," said Margaret Wilson.

Margaret Wilson thanked the Group and its chair, Peter Chemis of Buddle Findlay.

"A close reading of the report shows that a great deal of hard work and creative thought and compromise has gone into the group's deliberations," said Margaret Wilson. The work done by the group now allows the government to do its job and produce clear, fair and effective policy decisions and legislation for holidays. That work is already underway and I hope to be able to take policy to Cabinet before Christmas and introduce legislation next year".

View PDF file of second report of the Holidays Act Advisory Group (77KB)

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