Good News For Viewers in Local Content Figures

  • Maurice Williamson

"Congratulations must go to NZ On Air and the television companies for maintaining the level of local content on network television," Hon Maurice Williamson, Minister of Communications said today.

Commenting on the release of NZ On Air's survey of local content on network television during 1996, Mr Williamson said he was pleased at the slight increase over 1995's figures. "The Government is keen to see levels of local content maintained and increased and I am delighted that NZ On Air's survey shows an increase from 2112 hours in 1988 to 5066 hours in 1996. This is clearly good news for producers, the TV companies and viewers.''

"NZ On Air's figures focus on the three networks and do not include the large amount of local content that is screened on other channels such as the HPTV stations, music stations, regional channels, cable channels and Sky.''

"The significant increase in the numbers of non-network television channels means that there is considerably more local content than is included in NZ On Air's figures," Mr Williamson said. "The HPTV stations collectively add about an additional 1950 hours each year to the total local content available.''

"New Zealanders have indicated that they want to see more local programmes on television, and, as the number of channels continues to expand over the next few years and as non-commercial television channels are introduced, I am sure that more New Zealand programmes will be made available to viewers.''