Goff Sinks Lower on Tame Iti

  • Jack Elder

Labour's justice spokesman Phil Goff is trying desperately to wriggle out of the mess he made in Parliament yesterday, Police Minister Jack Elder said today.

Mr Goff had accused Police of failing to do their duty over what he claimed was a breach of Mr Tame Iti's bail conditions. This was later shown to be untrue, and at all times the Police acted with total propriety.

"But instead of doing the decent thing and apologising to the Police for his totally unfounded accusations, Mr Goff sinks lower and attacks the judge for setting those bail conditions.

"This half-baked attempt at ducking for cover shows Mr Goff's lack of regard for the professional image of the Police and the impartiality of the courts.

"I repeat my invitation for Mr Goff to apologise to the Police, Members of Parliament and to Mr Iti."