Goff Backfires On Tama Iti

  • Jack Elder

Labour's justice spokesman Phil Goff was incorrect when he told Parliament Tama Iti was not allowed by court order to reside outside Taneatua, Police Minister Jack Elder said today.

"Mr Goff alleged Police were turning a blind eye to Tama Iti's involvement at Waikeremoana and his visit to Parliament, claiming they knew he was breaching his bail conditions.

"This is a totally unwarranted slur on the integrity of the Police officers involved in the case, and Mr Goff should apologise both to them, to Tama Iti, and to Parliament," Mr Elder said.

Mr Goff's incorrect claim was that Tama Iti's bail conditions were that he should stay at a certain address at Taneatua, and that his presence at Waikeremoana and in Wellington was a breach of those conditions.

"Reality is that the court ordered Tama Iti to reside at that address when in Taneatua. He is free to travel and reside anywhere else," Mr Elder said. If he had breached his bail conditions, the Police would have of course taken action.

"It is a matter of regret that Mr Goff appears to have misled the House on the true circumstances of this matter, and impugned the reputation of the Police."