Getting there safely this holiday season

  • Harry Duynhoven
Transport Safety

Santa is the only one with an excuse to speed this holiday season, Hon Harry Duynhoven, Minister for Transport Safety, said today.

Encouraging motorists to take extra care on the roads over the holiday period, Mr Duynhoven said the Government wanted New Zealanders to drive to survive these holidays.

“Holiday driving has its special hazards but this year we’re especially keen to continue on track to have the lowest road toll in over 40 years.

“On average, 16 people have been killed and another 415 injured during each of the past five holiday periods. This year, we want everyone to take heed of the road safety messages so we get these numbers down.

"Motorists should remember that there are a few simple and sensible precautions that could be lifesavers.

”It is important that drivers get plenty of rest before their journey, take regular breaks if driving long distances, make adequate time to complete their journeys and, if possible, share the driving duties," said Mr Duynhoven.

Other key driving tips include:
·having your vehicle checked before travelling
·being courteous and patient with other road users
·always wearing your safety belt and ensuring your passengers do the same, and
·being extra vigilant around children, cyclists and pedestrians.

The official Christmas-New Year holiday period for 2005/2006 begins at 4.00pm on Friday 23 December and runs through to 6.00am on Wednesday 4 January.

Police will be out in force over the holiday period to deter unsafe driving which puts lives at risk, to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and delays are kept to a minimum.

“Our Christmas wish for all New Zealanders is that they survive the roads to enjoy unwrapping Santa’s presents and enjoying time with their families and friends,” said Mr Duynhoven today.