Get Ready Week message is plan now

  • John Carter
Civil Defence Earthquake Recovery

Get Ready Week is underway (10-16 October) and this annual awareness raising is likely to resonate with the public after the Canterbury earthquake, Civil Defence Minister John Carter said today.

"New Zealand's national civil defence emergency management framework is internationally recognised and of course, a big part of that is public awareness, which is what this week is all about," Mr Carter said.

"This country is vulnerable to a number of natural disasters and we have recently experienced one of the worst earthquakes in our history. Around the world people are surprised that no one died in the Canterbury earthquake.

"This earthquake is a powerful reminder that we don't know when or where an event will strike.

"People will notice more radio and television advertisements this week and the clear message we want people to get is that each household needs to have a plan for what to do in a civil defence emergency.

"People may be left to their own resources for a number of days before help can reach them. Airports, road and rail networks may be unable to be used.

"You need to have a plan for your family and have essential supplies. Find out what the civil defence emergency plan is for your neighbourhood and where to go if you need to evacuate your home. Your local Council will have a Civil Defence plan.

"There is a huge amount of potentially life-saving information at the website and there are details there of what supplies you should have to hand.

"The Yellow Pages also has Civil Defence information.

"There is no better time than now to ensure you are ready to get through an emergency."