Geekgirl or Gateway to the Future?

  • Deborah Morris
Associate Minister of Women's Affairs

Launching the Young Women of Aotearoa website today, Deborah Morris said that young women's access to computers and the internet is very important and can bring huge opportunities for women in an area that is currently dominated by men. Women must view the internet as a resource for all, not just for "geekgirls". The internet really is a gateway to the future, said Deborah Morris.

"The new Young Women of Aotearoa website is an initiative of the YWCA Aotearoa New Zealand, to encourage young women to access technology, to network and to share experiences. The website will promote YWCA publications and will eventually include a young women's global chatline.

"The website will encourage young women to send original writings about their life experiences, and there will be opportunities for young women to promote resources, groups and meetings. The website also has loads of useful links to other youth and women's resources in New Zealand and around the world.

"Women need to become more confident about using electronic media, otherwise they will be denied access to the main sources of information in the future. By becoming active participants, women will shape the future of the information technology medium too.

"It's great that young women have been involved in the development of this website and in the process have been taught how to design web pages. The involvement of young women will be increased even further in April when the Wellington YWCA Public Access Computer Centre opens and provides Wellington women with free access to computer technology.

"There are plenty of opportunities in information technology for creative, innovative people. As more women use this resource the medium is likely to evolve and become much more attractive to many more women. Initiatives such as the Young Women of Aotearoa website will help speed up this process," concluded Deborah Morris.