Future Partners

  • Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

Success in the Knowledge Age requires a highly skilled workforce, world class research and development and an understanding of how to use and apply technologies, Minister of Research, Science and Technology, Hon Maurice Williamson told participants at the Foresight Midsight Conference.

The Minister was opening the Midsight Conference today in Wellington at the Michael Fowler Centre.

"I have initiated the Foresight Project because of my belief in the need to take a future focus, to anticipate the change we will see, and to spur the thinking about where we are headed," the Minister said.

"I believe the Foresight Project with its strong sector-based approach provides a real chance for us to deliver a place for our country in the Knowledge Age," Mr Williamson said.

The Conference, running over the next two days, brings together key sector representatives from throughout New Zealand to discuss and workshop future scenarios and how we should direct our investment in science and technology.

Participation at the conference is not limited to physical locality as virtual attendance is occurring via the Internet at http://www.morst.govt.nz/foresight/