Future of Hato Petera College up for consultation

Agreement has been reached to begin consultation about the possible cancellation of the integration agreement of Hato Petera College, says Education Minister Chris Hipkins.

“Established in 1928, Hato Petera has played an important part in the lives of many students and whānau. However in recent years the college has struggled to attract students.

“Earlier this year, a Commissioner was appointed to take over the governance of the college. With only one student currently in attendance, the Commissioner has raised concerns about the sustainability of the school.  He is supportive of the decision that the proprietor of Hato Petera College, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland, and I have now taken to initiate the consultation process.

“I acknowledge that this is an uncertain time for the student currently attending Hato Petera, her whānau and the community. But the role of Māori boarding schools has changed over the years.

“Despite the extensive work of the Commissioner, previous Boards of Trustees, teaching staff and the community, concerns about the College’s finances, human resourcing, curriculum and its low student numbers remain.

“There was a consultation process about the future of the college held in 2016, but the situation at the school has now changed and it is time to listen again to what the whānau and the Diocese want for the College.

“Following the consultation process, which will run until 14 May, the Ministry of Education will provide a summary of the feedback.

“Once I’ve had a chance to consider the feedback, a decision will be made about the cancellation of the College's integration agreement,” Chris Hipkins says.