Further Steps On Corruption Allegations

  • Max Bradford

Revenue Minister Max Bradford says he has taken further steps today in relation to the allegations of public servants selling confidential information.

Mr Bradford met with the president of the Associated Credit Bureaux, Sarah Trotman, this morning to seek the association's co-operation in identifying any debt collection agencies which may be seeking, proactively or otherwise, confidential information from government departments.

"Mrs Trotman was most co-operative, and will be raising this issue at the association's AGM next week. I will be asking the association to include in its code of ethics provisions which outlaw the obtaining of any information from departments that is not available under the law, and to report any known or suspected cases where information has been sought or obtained."

Mr Bradford said ACT's Rodney Hide had been interviewed by police this morning.

"I have also asked the State Services Commissioner to conduct an independent audit of IRD's internal audit procedures, and this will proceed as a matter of urgency and with the IRD Commissioner's full co-operation.

"The Minister of State Services has also announced a number of additional measures to improve security of information in government departments."