Funding for post disaster building management

  • Maurice Williamson
Building and Construction

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson says $1.2 million has been provided in Budget 2013 to improve post disaster building management.

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission made 51 recommendations in relation to this area.

“The management of buildings following a disaster is the one significant gap in the building regulatory framework.  The $1.2 million from Budget 2013 will help develop an effective policy that will be mandated in law.  It is my intention to table legislation later this year.

“Establishing clear roles, responsibilities and procedures with regulatory backing will provide a nationwide and consistent response to any type of disaster.  This will reduce death and injury and support faster economic and social recovery following disasters.

“The work to be undertaken also makes good on the Government’s commitment to respond to the Royal Commission’s recommendations,” Mr Williamson says.

Several areas will be advanced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment ahead of legislation, including:

  • Trained and warranted (assessed as competent post training) workforce for Post Disaster Building Management
  • A register of those who are trained and warranted, and people capable of managing the building evaluation process across engineers, architects and building officials
  • Greater public understanding of post-disaster building evaluations and plain language for placards
  • Detailed guidance for building evaluation by assessors followed by training.
  • Clarity over dangerous building provisions and when/how demolitions should occur, and the associated protocols.