Funding to increase flood resilience in Northland

The Government is contributing an additional $4 million towards flood resilience projects in Northland, ensuring communities will be better protected in future severe weather events.

“This funding will help communities in Northland impacted by the 2023 North Island severe weather events, increase resilience and mitigate against future flood risk,” says Mark Mitchell, Minister for Emergency Management and Recovery.

“Northland’s Wairoa River catchment, and its various tributaries, contributed to flooding in and around Dargaville. The Government is supporting three projects with the Kaipara District Council to reduce future flood risk in these areas.

“These projects will reduce the risk of future flooding for Dargaville and Ruawai communities impacted by the severe weather last year. Increasing the size of the culvert at Beach Road, upgrading the Murphy Bower stopbank near Ruawai and cleaning-up the lower riverbanks and removing silt from the Awakino rivermouth, where it meets the Wairoa River, will ensure improved waterflow in high rain events. 

“The Government is also supporting a project with the Whangārei District Council to reduce future flooding in the low-lying suburb of Morningside. Funding will be provided for new infrastructure including a drain, water storage and pump.”

These four projects are in addition to the nearly $8.9 million allocated to seven projects last year, making the government’s contribution to Northland’s flood resilience total more than $12.9 million.

“By supporting these projects, the Government is making a substantial contribution to Northland’s recovery and resilience.

“We need to learn so we can make changes to reduce the impacts of future weather events. These projects are great examples of making changes that build future resilience,” says Mr Mitchell.

Northland Projects

Morningside flood relief – Whangārei District Council- $3 million

Whangārei suburb Morningside is low-lying and susceptible to flooding. The Government will contribute to infrastructure – including a drain/storage/pump option – to significantly reduce future flooding of the area.

Awakino rivermouth cleaning – Kaipara District Council - $350,000

Mechanical cleaning of the lower riverbanks and silt removal from the Awakino rivermouth, near Dargaville, will allow the most efficient flow of water and reduce the likelihood of future flooding. 

Where the Awakino River joins the Wairoa River is home to key local and regional infrastructure including the Dargaville Wastewater treatment plant and State Highway 14 between Dargaville and Whangārei. This project will reduce the risk of future flood damage to these key sites. 

Beach Road culvert – Kaipara District Council - $400,000

To provide better protection from future flooding, a box culvert will be installed to increase the size of the Beach Road culvert in Dargaville. A box culvert means the road level won’t need to be raised.

Murphy Bower stopbank – Kaipara District Council - $280,000

An urgent upgrade of the existing stopbanks on the Wairoa River will protect the Ruawai community, near Dargaville, from future flood inundation.