Front Line Funding Improves Service to Families at Risk

  • Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

Greater investment in the Children Young Persons and Their Families Service front line is making a real positive difference in services to children demonstrated by the substantial decrease in unallocated notifications over the past year, says Minister of Social Welfare, Hon Roger Sowry.

"Last year's Budget put $30 million over three years into CYPFS with the bulk of which was channelled directly into delivery of services to relieve pressure on staff and improve their ability to respond to notifications.

"On top of this Budget 1998 put a further $7.066 million injection into the front line for the coming financial year which will include more social workers, will mean CYPFS has the opportunity to further reduce the number of unallocated notifications.

"In the past year critical notifications has dropped from 59 to 10, very urgent notifications are down from 53 to 41 and low urgency notifications are now 245 down from 316 at the end of May last year.

"I am very encouraged with these improvements which ultimately mean that concerned family, whanau and friends who notify CYPFS can be reassured that the children or young person with the most serious concerns will be dealt with quickly.

"It must be noted that these figures are taken directly from the computer system and some invariably will have been allocated and investigated but the record on the computer system not yet updated," says Mr Sowry.