Free Phone, Free Advice At The Push Of A Few Buttons

  • Roger Sowry
Social Welfare

The Citizens Advice Bureaus toll-free 0800 number will be a breakthrough for New Zealanders living in our rural communities, says Minister of Social Welfare, Hon. Roger Sowry.

This afternoon the Minister will launch a toll-free 0800 number for Citizens Advice enabling every New Zealander quick access to information, just by dialling an easy to remember phone number.

Improved telecommunications, fax machines, e-mail and the Internet, have all made access to information easier and faster.

It is not only important but essential that New Zealand and government agencies keep pace with improvements. Yet many New Zealanders simply do not have access or do not know how to access information networks, says Mr Sowry. A phone call to their local Citizens Advice Bureau is often the first step they take.

Mr Sowry will officially launch the 0800 phone number at 12.00pm today in the Beehive Foyer.