Forestry opportunities in Maori Agribusiness

  • Jo Goodhew
Primary Industries

Associate Primary Industries Minister Jo Goodhew has welcomed the release of a report highlighting the economic opportunities for forestry through more productive use of Māori freehold land.

The report ‘Growing the Productive Base of Māori Freehold Land – further evidence and analysis’ was commissioned by the Ministry for Primary Industries and identifies the potential economic gains from improving the performance of Māori freehold land at regional and national levels.

“By utilising underused land and increasing productivity Māori freehold land has the potential to contribute to an increase in GDP of $1.2 billion between now and 2055,” Mrs Goodhew says.

“Maori agribusiness has a crucial part to play in wider regional development. From 2044 – 2052, during the harvest period, it is estimated $105m - $125m in additional value could be contributed to the New Zealand economy, along with an  employment boost of 300 – 350 full time jobs.

“Effective collaboration and support between Iwi, landowners, local businesses and local government will produce increased income and job creation, leading to economically resilient regional economies.

“This government is committed to supporting Māori agribusiness, and this research provides the Māori community with the information necessary to take advantage of these opportunities through the sustainable development of their land.”