Food Safety Law Reform Bill consultation begins

  • Jo Goodhew
Food Safety

Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew has welcomed the consultation process for the Food Safety Law Reform Bill, which will address the recommendations from the Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) Contamination Inquiry.

“We have made substantial progress implementing the WPC Inquiry recommendations; however, some recommendations require legislative change,” Mrs Goodhew says.

“The Food Safety Law Reform Bill will address these recommendations and reinforce New Zealand’s reputation as a reliable supplier of safe and suitable food.

“We are seeking feedback from the public and those in the food industry to ensure the proposed changes are usable and practical for all involved.”

The Food Safety Law Reform Bill proposes amendments to the Animal Products Act 1999, Food Act 2014 and Wine Act 2003.

“Businesses these days are multi-faceted and many work under more than one food safety Act. By better aligning the processes under these three food safety Acts we will develop a more consistent approach across the whole food safety system,” Mrs Goodhew says.

“These changes will also strengthen our responses to food safety incidents and support other steps the Government is taking to ensure the New Zealand food safety system remains fit for purpose.”

Submissions close on 7 May 2015. The Food Safety Law Reform Bill is likely to be introduced to the House for its first reading in late 2015. Details on the proposals can be found at