First Agricultural Aviation Accreditation Presented

  • Dr Lockwood Smith

Agriculture Minister Lockwood Smith has presented the country's first New Zealand Agricultural Aviation Association (NZAAA) accreditation certificate to Canterbury farmer and Skyfarmers owner Don Hart.

"This is New Zealand's first accreditation scheme to ensure quality in the spreading of top dressing material and in the spraying of agrichemicals, and is in line with the philosophy of the Resource Management Act," Dr Smith said when presenting the certificate in his Wellington office today.

"NZAAA is to be commended for the initiative which both incorporates existing Codes of Practice and new codes covering specific aspects of agricultural aviation. Agricultural aviation now has very specific and clear guidelines for its operation."

Examples of the codes include those for the spreading of poison baits, fuel storage and handling, training, the application of chemicals generally and the incorporation of the GROWSAFE Code of Practice.

"All these will contribute to making agricultural aviation increasingly cost effective, increasingly safe and capable of meeting the strict environmental demands expected today," Dr Smith concluded.