First additional recruits start Police College

  • Paula Bennett

Police Minister Paula Bennett has today welcomed the first of the 880 additional frontline officers to Police College.

“In February the Prime Minister and I announced there would be an additional 1125 Police Staff, including 880 sworn officers. These Police will be stationed across all twelve Police Districts and will boost the total number of frontline police by 10 per cent,” Mrs Bennett says.

“The first of the new officers started their training today and they’ll be on the beat by November.

“Our $503 million Safer Communities package includes a new national 24/7 phone number for non-emergencies, 140 more officers for regional and rural police stations, 140 additional specialist investigators for child protection, 80 additional officers to target organised crime, gangs and methamphetamine, 20 additional ethic liaison officers and 12 mobile policing units.

“The boost in Police over the next four years will ensure that 95 per cent of the population are within 25 kilometres of patrolling officers around the clock.

“The new recruits come from all walks of life, bringing a range of different experiences with them. They will be deployed in different areas all around the country.

“I’m so excited to see the first recruits start their training and look forward to seeing them out on the beat around the country in the very near future,” Mrs Bennett says.