Fire Service Commission Responds To Directive

  • Jack Elder
Civil Defence

The Government has tonight received a response from the Fire Service Commission to the directive issued last week by the Minister responsible for the Fire Service, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Jack Elder.

The Commission - chairman Roger Estall, Brian Stanley and Roger Blakeley - met the Deputy Prime Minister, Wyatt Creech, the Treasurer, Bill Birch and Mr Elder at 5.30p.m. in the Executive Wing.

The Commission was directed last Thursday under Section 13 of the Fire Service Act to provide by this evening a detailed programme of change to meet the Government's expectations on the Fire Service including timelines and how these changes will be managed and given effect to.

"We have received the Commissioners' report and have requested more information," Mr Elder said.

Mr Elder said the Commission's response would now be analysed by officials. The three-member ministerial committee will give further consideration to the matter.