Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board appointments

  • Hon Tracey Martin
Internal Affairs


Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin today announced the appointment of Wendie Harvey and Malcolm Inglis and the reappointment of Te Arohanui Cook to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board.

The new organisation Fire and Emergency New Zealand is coming up a year old and it is vital that the Board continues to have the right leadership in place to ensure the benefits of the fire service reforms are realised.

“I welcome Wendie Harvey and Malcolm Inglis to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board, and Te Arohanui Cook for a second term.  Each member brings unique attributes and experiences that will contribute positively to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board’s current focus.

“I am confident in the ability of these members to provide invaluable knowledge while working toward better fire services for our communities,” Tracey Martin said.

Wendie Harvey is currently a Consultant for Excellence in Business Solutions Limited, and holds appointments on government and private and voluntary boards.  She has state sector governance experience and skills in organisational change.

Malcolm Inglis is a self-employed Management Consultant holding appointments across a number of government and private and volunteer boards. He has knowledge of large scale organisational and sector change and workplace relations.

Te Arohanui Cook is an Independent Consultant at Horizon Consultancy with appointments across additional Government and private and volunteer boards.  she has a good knowledge of the voluntary and rural fire sector and senior operational firefighting experience.

Wendie Harvey, Malcolm Inglis and Te Arohanui Cook have been appointed for a term of three years commencing on 1 July 2018.


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