Fines Payments Up

  • Doug Graham

The Minister for Courts, Hon D.A.M. Graham, says over $32 million in fines has been collected in the first four months of the financial year - more than $5.5 million up on the same period last year.

In addition, fines under firm time payment arrangement now total nearly $58 million, compared to $46.6 million at the end of October last year.

'For the first time the growth in overdue fines has levelled off, which is a result of people paying fines more promptly and the more effective enforcement of fines,' Mr Graham says.

'The next step is to actually reduce the overdue total.'

Mr Graham says a combination of publicity and new processes to promote payment of fines was starting to deliver good results for the Department for Courts Collection Unit.

'The That's Procrastination advertising campaign is back on television this week with Phil Phines presenting the Procrastinator of the Year award,' he says.

'The ads have a very clear message for people with fines to pay - deal with them now and start the New Year with a clean slate or face enforcement action.'

That's Procrastination recently won gold and silver awards in the 1997 R.S.V.P. national competition for direct marketing campaigns.

The campaign is credited with payments of more than $2.8 million as a direct result of people phoning the Collections Call Centre during the weeks the advertisements screened in April, May, June and October.