Finance Minister travels to Davos World Economic Forum, Brussels and London

  • Hon Grant Robertson

Finance Minister Grant Robertson will accompany the Prime Minister to Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF).

He will also visit Belgium and the United Kingdom for economic and business engagements.

“This is a very timely trip given the dynamic global economic situation,” Grant Robertson said.

“While the New Zealand economy continues its stable growth, as international risks mount we must continue to engage with global partners so we are in the best position to address any issues. This visit is an opportunity to build on our relationships in Europe, including in advancing our negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.

His attendance at the WEF is to work with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in showcasing New Zealand’s approach to wellbeing to an international audience, and raise New Zealand’s profile as a partner across issues including climate change, social policy, trade and commitment to the international rules-based system.

Mr Robertson will attend a range of engagements and will deliver the opening remarks at the Forum’s main Asia-Pacific event, a discussion on ‘Bridging the Demographic Divide’.

He has bilateral meetings confirmed with Ministerial counterparts from Singapore, Denmark, France, Canada, Ireland and Chile, and he will represent New Zealand at an informal World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial meeting in Davos.

In Brussels, he will meet with EU Commissioners responsible for the euro, social dialogue and the EU Budget process, as well as Members of the European Parliament.

In London, he will deliver a speech at the London School of Economics (LSE) on the Wellbeing Budget.

 “As a small trading nation, it is vital that New Zealand maintains close links and open discussions with trading, business and political partners,” Grant Robertson said.

“I will be working to advance opportunities for New Zealand and share information and our policy approach with international colleagues.”