Final decision on Masterton schools announced

  • Trevor Mallard

Education Minister Trevor Mallard announced today his final decisions on the review of schools in Masterton, a move that will unlock about $7.2 million in extra resources for the education of local students.

“I believe these decisions provide the best solution for a strong and sustainable schooling system in Masterton.

“I know that this has been a stressful time and I’d like to thank all those involved in the review process.

“I have been heartened by the way the local community has taken an interest in their children’s future and got involved in this review. I now hope that they will put their energy into supporting the results of this review and ensuring local students continue to receive quality education well into the future," Trevor Mallard said.

The review decisions are:
·To retain Fernridge, Mauriceville, Solway, Tinui, Wainuioru, and Whareama schools;
·To retain Masterton Intermediate, Makoura College and Wairarapa College;
·To retain Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Wairarapa;
·To merge Miki Miki and Opaki Schools on the Opaki site, with Opaki School being the continuing school;
·To merge Harley Street and Masterton Central Schools on the Masterton Central site, with Harley Street School being the continuing school;
·To merge Cornwall Street and Masterton West Schools on the Masterton West site with Cornwall Street School being the continuing school, and
·To merge Lansdowne and Totara Drive Schools with Hiona Intermediate School with Totara Drive School being the continuing school.

“I have deferred the decision regarding the merger site for Lansdowne, Totara Drive and Hiona Intermediate Schools until further investigations by the Masterton District Council on a reported faultline are complete.

“I have also asked the Ministry of Education to work with the boards of Opaki, Fernridge and Solway schools to develop and implement enrolment schemes to avoid any possibility of overcrowding,” Trevor Mallard said.

The board of each continuing school will manage the transition period and govern the new school until elections can be held. The ministry will continue to work closely with schools to ensure a smooth transition and that the review is implemented in time for the 2004 school year.