Film and Literature Board of Review Appointments

  • Peter Dunne
Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne today announced the reappointment of Dr Gareth Schott and Sandy Gill as members of the Film and Literature Board of Review, for new three-year terms along with the appointment of Rachael Schmidt-McCleave as President.

“Ms Schmidt-McCleave will bring expertise in public law and public decision-making, governance and mediation. The reappointments will also maintain the Board’s diverse range of film, art, law and psychology expertise.

“As incumbent members, Dr Schott and Ms Gill have a valuable understanding of New Zealand’s classification system”, said Mr Dunne.

The Film and Literature Board of Review is an independent statutory appeal body. Its purpose is to review the classification of publications referred to it under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993, after the Office of Film and Literature Classification has classified that publication.